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Roulette & Us

Writing this about us made us consider what our aims and goals of this website were. It is about Roulette because we love the game and think more Indians should be playing it. We want to provide a site where you can discover the excitement that has attracted players throughout the years. Big names like Sean Connery, Ian Fleming, Harry Styles all liked to spin the wheel. In fact, in 1963 Sean Connery won the equivalent of £160,000 in today’s money by betting on 17, he did lose the first two bets but sunk a winner with the third. The event was then replicated in his Bond film ‘Diamonds are Forever’ drawing on his real-life experience. To this day, players try to replicate the experience. Mike Ashley, the owner of a UK football club, also won big-time after betting on 17!
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Today’s Roulette Players

This about us reflects the fact we are the players of today. We enjoy online Roulette, not that we could play in a land casino anyway, but being able to play on our mobiles enable us to enjoy our favourite game whenever we want. A fact shared by millions of mobile users in India. International online casinos opened the doors to all the exciting games that could be found online, and all the fabulous variations that could only happen at an online casino.

We, that’s the about us team, know that in India we don’t even need land casinos, as we can socialise and absorb the atmosphere of playing Live casino online. The acceleration of technology has created superb gaming environments that replicate a real-life gaming experience that is far easier to access than a real land casino.

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So Why Visit rouletterules.xyz?

We want to emphasise on this about us that this website is all about sharing updated information on Roulette; introducing people in how to play Roulette. While we all know this is more a game of chance than skill, some Roulette strategies can be employed and once you understand the playing layout and Roulette rules you have a better chance of a more successful and rewarding time at the Roulette table.

Roulette Today

As we have said in this about us, we want players to understand the fun of the roulette table, make it understandable without taking away that elusive sense of mystery and romance the game evokes. Watching the ball bounce around the screen, you find yourself holding your breath, waiting to see where it lands, and if it’s your number.

The many online roulette variations you can now find, all bring something extra to the game, and don’t forget you can play the RNG options, to help hone any roulette strategy you want to try. Some online casinos allow demo or free play on these.

The about us team also want to remind you that bonuses are also available on most online casinos, and some can be found specifically for the Live casino. These can extend your playing time and your budget but do remember to check out T&C’s, especially any play-through requirements Unless T&C’s are met you will find it difficult to withdraw any wins!
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Final Thoughts About Us

Visit our site, where you can learn about honing your roulette playing skills, find information on the newest games and guidelines on playing them and placing bets. We are continually updating our pages so check in regularly to be in the know on all the latest in the world of Roulette, from software providers to the casinos offering Roulette tables and the variations.
roulette rules